Andrea Illes

Policy Analyst

Phone: +44 (0)20 7799 2689

Specialist Subjects:

climate and environmental governance, climate and energy policy, climate mainstreaming, environmental tax reform, EU budget


Andrea joined IEEP’s Climate and Environmental Governance Programme as a policy analyst in September 2013 after completing a six month internship in the team. She holds a Masters degree in Environmental Technology – with focus on global environmental change and policy - from Imperial College London and a first degree in Biology from Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest). Before joining the Institute, she worked on energy efficiency at the Centre for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy, Central European University and also provided support for the Climate and Energy Campaign Team at Greenpeace Hungary. At IEEP, Andrea is involved in policy research projects concerning climate and environmental governance and policy instruments, the development of EU climate and energy policy, approaches to climate mainstreaming, the potential of environmental tax reform in Europe and the reform of the EU budget.

IEEP Publications & Articles by Andrea IllesDate
  • Tracking biodiversity expenditure in the EU budget

    The European Commission is in the process of developing a methodology to track biodiversity related expenditure in the EU budget. This effort is similar to the parallel process for tracking ...

    29 Jun 2015
  • Environmental Fiscal Reform in the European Semester

    A recent study by Eunomia, IEEP and Aarhus University identifies the potential for environmental fiscal reform in 14 Member States.

    13 Apr 2015
  • Case studies focusing on different types of environmental crime

    IEEP, as being part of a 40-months EU-funded research project, produced three case studies focusing on illegal e-waste shipment, illegal localised pollution incidents and illegal fishing.

    11 Mar 2015
  • Estimating support for fossil fuel subsidies in the EU-28

    New study by IVM, VITO, IEEP and BIO identifies and quantifies government support to fossil fuels in the EU-28. Significant support is provided through reduced excise taxes, with EU-wide tax expenditures estimated to be between EUR 28 billion and EUR 200 billion depending on the benchmark used.

    05 Jan 2015
  • Europe’s Climate and Energy Crossroads – IEEP seminars for MEPs on climate and energy issues

    IEEP has prepared two briefing documents on the climate and energy challenge in Central and Eastern European Member States, and in Southern European Member States. The briefings are background for a seminar we are organising for Members of the European Parliament, the first in a series on Europe’s Climate and Energy Crossroads.

    03 Nov 2014
  • Environmental Tax Reform in Europe: Opportunities for the future

    A new study by IEEP assesses the current state of play with environmental taxes in Europe, explores where further greening taxation could be appropriate and how to drive this agenda forward through ‘coalitions of like-minded countries’.

    05 Jun 2014
  • Financing Europe 2020: What is required?

    This IEEP – CEPS study provides an assessment of the investment required to achieve the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy and assesses the relative importance of local and regional budgets in financing sectors such as energy, transport and research. Europe 2020, the EU’s core economic strategy, will succeed only if large scale resources can be deployed. Where will they come from?

    10 Mar 2014
  • Tracking climate related expenditure in the post-2013 EU budget

    This study led by IEEP in collaboration with ICF GHK and CPI, examines how the emerging approach to tracking climate related expenditure in the EU budget could be further elaborated and refined over the period of the 2014-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework.

    06 Mar 2014
  • Mainstreaming climate objectives in EU Cohesion Policy - a guidance briefing

    This IEEP publication presents a framework and approach to climate mainstreaming into EU Cohesion Policy that can provide practical guidance for managing authorities.

    28 Jan 2014
  • Execution of EU budgets

    IEEP has authored a study for the Temporary Commission on the EU budget of the Committee of the Regions. The study analyses the execution of the EU budgets from 2007 onwards.

    06 Sep 2013