Andreas Mitsios

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  • Estimating support for fossil fuel subsidies in the EU-28

    New study by IVM, VITO, IEEP and BIO identifies and quantifies government support to fossil fuels in the EU-28. Significant support is provided through reduced excise taxes, with EU-wide tax expenditures estimated to be between EUR 28 billion and EUR 200 billion depending on the benchmark used.

    05 Jan 2015
  • Environmental complaint handling and mediation mechanisms at national level

    Gradual harmonisation of Member States’ approaches to handling complaints over environment law breaches could have major benefits for the EU.

    05 Apr 2013
  • Economic instruments to improve waste management

    This report investigates a range of economic instruments in place in the EU Member States to improve waste management. It focuses on disposal taxes, pay-as-you-throw systems and producer responsibility schemes, and attempts to assess their contribution to waste management performance.

    10 Apr 2012