Andrew Farmer

Director of Research and Head of Industry, Waste and Water Programme

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7340 2673

Specialist Subjects:

water, pollution control and effects of pollution, marine, enlargement


Andrew is a biologist by training and specialises in EU legislation in relation to water and air pollution, and pollution control policies more widely, including the operation of inspectorates. He has extensive experience of issues arising from EU enlargement, particularly administrative capacity building in candidate and neighbourhood countries. Andrew also has interest in strategic policy issues such as smart regulation. He is the editor of IEEP’s Manual of EU Environmental Policy. Before joining IEEP in 1997, Andrew worked for English Nature as its atmospheric pollution specialist and sustainable development co-ordinator; prior to that he undertook post-doctoral research at Imperial College and at the Universities of Wisconsin and Florida, USA. He has a degree from Oxford University in natural sciences and a PhD in ecology from St Andrews University.

IEEP Publications & Articles by Andrew FarmerDate
  • Water Scarcity Briefings

    Water scarcity is a major threat to Europe’s waters. Three briefings have been produced summarizing research on this issue and setting out the European policy context.

    01 May 2012
  • Fitness Check of EU water policy – stakeholder views

    IEEP provided support to the Commission’s development of the Fitness Check through the organisation of an online public consultation and a stakeholder workshop. The results of these two activities can be downloaded here.

    11 Apr 2012
  • The Ecosystem Approach in Marine Management

    The Marine Strategy Framework Directive requires Member States to apply an “ecosystem approach to marine management”. This report defines the ecosystem approach and puts it into context by describing the challenges of applying it across Europe’s seas.

    07 Feb 2012
  • Linking the Water Framework Directive and the IPPC Directive: Phase 2

    Integrating pollution control into river basin management is a major challenge. A report for IMPEL explores how Member States address this.

    18 Jan 2012
  • Sourcebook on EU Environmental Law

    The Sourcebook provides a practical reference document on applicable EU environmental legislation, practices and standards which need to be taken into account in the planning and development of projects supported by Banks that have signed the ‘European Principles for the Environment'.

    07 Oct 2011
  • EU Water Policy – fit for purpose?

    New report from Deloitte and IEEP assesses the relevance, coherence, effectiveness and efficiency of EU Water Policy.

    20 Jul 2011
  • An all-consuming responsibility

    This short paper highlights the challenges that the EU faces in delivering a resource efficient society and argues that achieving this would require action across a range of policy areas.

    11 Jul 2011
  • Cross-scale governance for water management

    A new paper on the challenges of cross-scale governance for water management has been published.

    28 Jun 2011
  • EU Natural Resources policy: Signposts on the roadmap to sustainability

    The EU is committed to building improved resource efficiency into its economic strategy, starting with a “roadmap” this year. A new paper from the Institute sets out the challenges, reviews the mixed results of previous EU policy in this area and suggests a number of ways forward. Both a broad vision and an array of practical policy initiatives are required.

    26 May 2011
  • Assessment of the 6th Environment Action Programme

    This report presents the results of an independent evaluation of the 6th Environment Action Programme (6EAP). The overall objective of this evaluation was to provide an in-depth assessment of the achievements of the 6EAP since its adoption in 2002 to the end of 2010.

    26 Mar 2011