Clare Coffey

IEEP Associate

Specialist Subjects:

local civil society, good governance, public policy advocacy, programme and project development


Clare was previously a Senior Fellow and Head of Governance Programme at IEEP. In September 2005, she moved to Cameroon as NGO advisor within a VSO governance and participation programme. From 2008 to 2011, she managed a regional civil society component of a major Germano-Cameroonian decentralisation programme, working for the GIZ - German Organisation for International Cooperation. She has a legal background, with a particular interest in supporting local NGOs to increase their participation in and influence on governance. Apart from being an accomplished policy analyst and advocate, she is also an experienced project developer and manager, as well as a skilled trainer and facilitator. At IEEP, she focused in particular on strategic EU affairs, notably environmental policy integration and sustainable development and the EU constitution.

IEEP Publications & Articles by Clare CoffeyDate
  • The Polluter Pays Principle and Fisheries: The Role of Taxes and Charges

    Written to help inform the debate to the Common Fisheries Policy Review English Nature (EN) and the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) published a series of five short briefings.

    09 Dec 2000
  • Financing Environmentally Sustainable Fisheries: The Role Of Incentive Payments

    This report is about the potential use of positive financial incentives for environmental purposesin European fisheries policy. Positive financial incentives could play a modest, but perhaps key role in ...

    09 Jun 2000
  • Managing EC Inshore Fisheries

    A report commissioned by The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds from IEEP, and written for BirdLife International.

    09 Jun 2000
  • El Anzuelo Volume 5

    European newsletter on fisheries and the environment.This issue: Breaking the Cycle of Crisis Management - Focus on Recovery Plans

    01 Mar 2000
  • El Anzuelo Volume 4

    European newsletter on fisheries and the environment.This issue: Taking Stocks - Focus on Incentives

    31 Aug 1999
  • El Anzuelo Volume 3

    European newsletter on fisheries and the environment.This issue: Towards closer dialogue: focus on third-country fishing agreements.

    01 Mar 1999
  • A Shadow Action Plan For Biodiversity in Fisheries

    This paper aims to contribute to the further development of the Action Plan for Biodiversity in Relation to Fisheries by elaborating a framework of sectoralobjectives, strategies and measurable targets ...

    15 Jan 1999
  • Sustainable Development and the EC Fisheries Sector

    The purpose of this report is to set out some critical issues for the EC fisheries sector from an environmental perspective, and to contribute ideas to the development of alternative ...

    01 Jan 1999
  • El Anzuelo Volume 2

    European newsletter on fisheries and the environment.This issue:  A Chance to Contribute: Focus on Labelling

    01 Dec 1998
  • El Anzuelo Volume 1

    European newsletter on fisheries and the environment.As we approach a new century, few sections of society face more fundamental questions about the future than the fishing community. On ...

    31 May 1998