Clare Shine

IEEP Associate

Specialist Subjects:

coastal/marine management, regional capacity-building, legal and institutional frameworks for biodiversity conservation


Clare Shine is a barrister specialising in the development, integration and communication of environmental policy. She holds an MA from Oxford and an MPhil in Environmental Law (Sorbonne University) and currently operates as an independent consultant based in Paris. She has 20 years’ experience working on legal and institutional frameworks for biodiversity conservation, coastal/marine management, transboundary cooperation and regional capacity-building, with a particular focus on implementation of environmental treaties in the Mediterranean and Africa. Clare has advised a wide range of intergovernmental organisations, government agencies, industry groups and NGOs and authored cross-sectoral reports and guidelines covering voluntary and economic instruments as well as regulatory tools. She has played a leading role in the formation of invasive species policy at the global and European level. Clare has worked with IEEP since 2006 and is an integral part of the IEEP team supporting the European Commission on the future EU Strategy on Invasive Alien Species. Prior to her legal career, Clare was employed in industry and the media and has continued to work as a freelance journalist from Paris.

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