David Baldock

Senior Fellow

Phone: +44 (0)20 7799 2244

Specialist Subjects:

European strategies for the environment including agriculture, climate and natural resources


David's background is in philosophy and economics. He joined the Institute in the mid 1980s to establish a programme of work on agricultural and rural environmental issues. He became Deputy Director in 1992, Director in 1998 and active Senior Fellow in 2016. As well as being an authority on European agricultural policy and the environment, David's specialist areas include EU strategies for climate, natural resources and public investment. He has an active interest in sustainable development and the growing implications of building a bioeconomy. Current external commitments include membership of the Commission's high-level group on the competitiveness of the car industry in Europe. Please contact David's personal assistant via the email address above.

IEEP Publications & Articles by David BaldockDate
  • Exploring key priorities and actions for the 7th EAP

    This policy paper examines how the forthcoming 7EAP can contribute to protecting natural systems and improving the way in which we use natural resources. It also examines a number of cross-cutting actions needed to support the priorities of the 7EAP and ensure better delivery of EU environment policy.

    26 Sep 2012
  • Mainstreaming climate in EU funds - the progress to date

    IEEP’s latest policy brief takes stock of the negotiation processes on the 2014-2020 EU Multi-annual Financial Framework and Cohesion Policy, and points at issues and opportunities ahead for ensuring the effective mainstreaming of climate change in the future EU spending plans

    03 Sep 2012
  • Maximising environmental benefits through Ecological Focus Areas

    Of the three measures proposed to 'green' Pillar 1 direct payments, Ecological Focus Areas have the greatest potential to address a range of environmental concerns. How much of this potential is realised depends on a number of key factors discussed in this new IEEP report prepared at the request of the Land Use Policy Group.

    08 Jun 2012
  • Criteria for maximising the European added value of EU budget: the case of climate change

    This report revisits approaches to defining European added value as a key concept to help the identification of spending priorities under the 2014-2020 EU budget. It puts forward a set of operational criteria for European added value to aid the design of future EU funding instruments, implementation programmes and project selection processes in relation to EU’s ambitions to tackle climate change.

    14 Mar 2012
  • The future of EU environmental policy: challenges & opportunities

    IEEP has produced a special report for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPEG) on ‘The future of EU environmental policy: challenges and opportunities’. The report provides a brief review of key environmental challenges facing the EU, the main policy and strategic discussions currently underway and assesses some of the prospects and challenges for the future.

    24 Jan 2012
  • Towards a 7th Environment Action Programme: potential options and priorities

    As a contribution to the on-going discussion on the future strategic framework of EU environmental policy, IEEP has produced a policy paper on the options and priorities for a 7th Environment Action Programme (7EAP).

    16 Dec 2011
  • Securing Biomass for Energy

    A new IEEP report outlining how to develop a UK bioenergy sector that mitigates environmental risks and promotes win-win situations for renewables deployment and biodiversity.

    22 Nov 2011
  • Mainstreaming the environment and climate change in the post-2013 EU budget

    New IEEP paper examines the opportunities and challenges of the proposed ‘mainstreaming’ of climate change and other environmental priorities in the 2014-2020 EU budget.

    12 Aug 2011
  • Redesigning the CAP to deliver public goods

    As a contribution to the CAP reform debate, this report considers options for redesigning the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to maximise the delivery of public goods, particularly in relation to the environment and rural vitality.

    01 Aug 2011
  • Greening the CAP: Delivering Environmental Outcomes through Pillar One

    This opportune paper examines the European Commission’s current proposals for ‘greening’ Pillar 1 of the CAP and their potential to deliver environmental objectives.

    27 Jul 2011