Graham Tucker

Senior Fellow and Head of Biodiversity Programme

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7340 2688

Specialist Subjects:

biodiversity conservation policies and legislation, climate change and biodiversity adaptation


Graham joined IEEP in February 2008. He has an MSc and PhD in ecology and over 20 years professional experience in biodiversity conservation in Europe. He was responsible for developing BirdLife International’s European Habitat Conservation Programme, and then moved into consultancy as the Technical Director of Ecoscope Applied Ecologists before taking up freelance consultancy. Consultancy projects have included scientific reviews, conservation strategy appraisals, as well as capacity building and training in biodiversity monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment. Graham's current interests focus on incorporating ecological science in policy development, particularly relating to land-use and climate change issues.

IEEP Publications & Articles by Graham TuckerDate
  • Natura 2000 and Jobs – Scoping the Evidence

    The European Natura 2000 network provides job opportunities in sectors ranging from conservation and restoration, agriculture, forestry, fisheries to tourism, recreation, and health.

    31 May 2017
  • Integration approach to EU biodiversity financing

    For the European Union to meet its goals of protecting and restoring biodiversity, the availability and effective delivery of adequate funding is essential. The current EU framework ...

    05 Apr 2017
  • Fitness Check of the Birds and Habitats Directives

    The Nature Directives (i.e. Birds Directive and Habitats Directive) are the key instruments of EU environmental policy; the Fitness Check support study, carried out by Milieu, IEEP and ICF for the European Commission DG-ENV, examined their effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, EU-added value and their coherence with the wider acquis.

    14 Dec 2016
  • Ecological Focus Areas – what are their impacts on biodiversity?

    Ecological Focus Areas are intended to safeguard and improve biodiversity on arable farms in the EU. This IEEP study for EEB and BirdLife examined the evidence for potential biodiversity impacts on farmland, taking into account how the areas are being managed.

    01 Dec 2016
  • Biodiversity offsets: What did the UK pilot scheme achieve?

    Voluntary biodiversity offsetting was piloted in six English areas by local planning authorities and stakeholder organisations who agreed to take part in the government programme. IEEP and Collingwood Environmental Planning, together with David Tyldesley, assessed the UK government programme from 2012 to 2014.

    20 Jul 2016
  • The impacts of the UK’s low carbon energy policy on biodiversity: evidence and policy tools

    The study reviews evidence of the impacts of UK's low carbon energy policy on biodiversity in the UK and abroad, and incorporates biodiversity effects of low carbon energy scenarios into the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change 2050 pathway calculator tool.

    20 Jul 2016
  • Gough Island in danger – IEEP assessment of World Heritage Site

    IEEP assessed threats to Gough and Inaccessible Island World Heritage Site on behalf of the RSPB. The report brings together evidence that globally important seabird colonies and endemic species are under threat of extinction from invasive alien species, especially predatory house mice, and that the proposed mouse eradication programme should proceed as quickly as possible.

    19 Jul 2016
  • A New Vision for Responsible Renewable Energy with a Clear European Dimension

    Renewable energy is key to the decarbonisation of Europe’s energy supply, however, the scale of expansion needed will have significant impacts over a considerable area. This new report suggests how a resource efficient energy system might be delivered in a way that minimises and mitigates impacts on biodiversity and the wider environment.

    26 Nov 2015
  • Protected area approaches in the EU

    Protected areas play an important role in achieving biodiversity conservation targets. IEEP has compared the approaches and rationale of designating and managing protected areas in the UK and a selection of eight other EU Member States.

    16 Nov 2015
  • Results-based agri-environment schemes: new report and guidance handbook available

    Are you interested in developing and implementing a results-based payment scheme for farmland biodiversity? Together with experts from across Europe, IEEP has produced a range of useful resources to guide the future development of results-based agri-environment schemes in the EU and beyond.

    05 Jun 2015