Hans Michiels

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  • Estimating support for fossil fuel subsidies in the EU-28

    New study by IVM, VITO, IEEP and BIO identifies and quantifies government support to fossil fuels in the EU-28. Significant support is provided through reduced excise taxes, with EU-wide tax expenditures estimated to be between EUR 28 billion and EUR 200 billion depending on the benchmark used.

    05 Jan 2015
  • Subsidies with an impact on the environment - methodology, inventory and case studies

    The Flemish Government has initiated a broad project to develop an inventory of the most environmentally harmful subsidies in Flanders and establish plans for their phase-out as requested by the European Commission. This report by VITO and IEEP has been developed for the Nature and Energy Department of the Flemish Government and seeks to feed into this broader process.

    05 Aug 2013