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  • MEACAP: Project Leaflet

    An introduction to IEEP's MEACAP project, 'The Impact of Environmental Agreements on the Common Agricultural Policy'. Visit MEACAP's project minisite

    31 Mar 2004
  • RACS - Delivering Ecosystem Based Management? Report of IEEP/UK Statutory Nature Conservation Agency Workshop. The Centre, Brussels, 6 February 2004

    On 6 February, the Institute for European Environmental Policy and the UK Statutory Nature Conservation Agencies organised a workshop to discuss the Commission’s proposed Decision on ...

    20 Feb 2004
  • Linking CDM & JI with EU Emission Allowance Trading

    A written briefing on the Commission proposal on a scheme for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading within the Community, in respect of the Kyoto Protocol's project mechanisms ...

    12 Jan 2004
  • IEEP application form

    <p>Use this form to apply for IEEP vacancies</p>

    20 Nov 2003
  • CFP Briefing No 18

    On 9 October the Commission proposed a Regulation for the sustainable exploitation of Mediterranean Sea fishery resources (CO(2003)589). The Regulation would replace existing technical ...

    10 Nov 2003
  • CFP Briefing No 15

    At the beginning of October, the Commission adopted a Communication outlining intentions for the development of a Community Action Plan for the management of the European eel stock ...

    30 Oct 2003
  • CFP Briefing No 16

    In presenting its overall strategic approach to the Common Fisheries Policy reform in 2002, the Commission identified the conservation of commercial fish stocks as a key challenge facing ...

    30 Oct 2003
  • CFP Briefing No 17

    The Commission has come forward with its proposed decision on regional advisory councils (RACs), which is arguably the most concrete manifestation thus far of anew approach to EU fisheries ...

    27 Oct 2003
  • CFP Briefing No 14

    The bycatch of small cetaceans – dolphins and porpoises – continues to be a problem in a number of EU fisheries. There is particular concern over the bycatch of the critically ...

    07 Aug 2003
  • CFP Briefing No 13

    Control and enforcement was identified as an area that needed addressing in the Commission Common Fisheries Policy reform Roadmap (COM(2002)181). The new CFP basic Regulation 2371/2002 that ...

    13 Jul 2003