James Brown


James worked at IEEP between 2003 and 2010. He has a background in fisheries economics, policy and management and has undertaken various field and desk based policy oriented research in the area of fisheries economics and management instruments. He contributes to IEEP's Sustainable Fisheries Programme which focuses on tracking progress on the reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy and creating opportunities for stakeholder dialogue. Other areas covered include subsidies to the sector, fish consumption and production, environmental indicators for fisheries and aquaculture, and governance issues (RACs). He has worked for NGOs and government, previously being employed by the Department for International Development (UK), based in Uganda.

IEEP Publications & Articles by James BrownDate
  • El Anzuelo Volume 13

    European newsletter on fisheries and the environment.This issue: Focus on Governance

    01 Mar 2004
  • The Role of Fisheries Licensing in European Environmental Management

    Fisheries managers face the dual challenge of achieving sustainable fisheries exploitation, while doing so through 'light' regulation. This is particularly the case in the European Union, where there is ...

    10 Jan 2004
  • CFP Briefing No 16

    In presenting its overall strategic approach to the Common Fisheries Policy reform in 2002, the Commission identified the conservation of commercial fish stocks as a key challenge facing ...

    30 Oct 2003
  • El Anzuelo Volume 12

    European newsletter on fisheries and the environment.This issue: Focus on Science

    31 Aug 2003