Jana Poláková

IEEP Associate

Specialist Subjects:

EU agriculture, environmental and climate policies, rural development


Jana has knowledge of sustainable management of natural resources and biodiversity management in agricultural and forestry land use. She co-ordinates research and policy evaluations which focus on the integration of environmental concerns into the CAP and rural development policies, and on the integration of agriculture and forest related land use issues into EU climate and bioenergy policies. Before joining IEEP she worked for the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic on waste and biodiversity projects supported by EU structural funds.

IEEP Publications & Articles by Jana PolákováDate
  • Guidelines for biodiversity proofing the EU budget

    This report provides a practical framework to ensure that spending under the EU budget has no negative impacts on biodiversity, and that spending under the EU budget is overall supportive to achieving the biodiversity targets.

    15 Sep 2014
  • Guidance handbook for financing Natura 2000

    An updated ‘Financing Natura 2000 Guidance Handbook’ aims to inform national stakeholders about opportunities for financing the management of Natura 2000 sites through various EU funds during the 2014-2020 period.

    11 Sep 2014
  • Sustainable intensification of European agriculture

    The concept of sustainable intensification has come into prominence in the context of global food security. This report defines what we mean by sustainable intensification, explains its global logic, discusses what it means for EU agriculture and exemplifies this in three case studies for soil performance, nutrient recycling and biodiversity.

    25 Jul 2014
  • Options for sustainable food and agriculture in the EU

    How should Europe respond to the increased demands on our food and agriculture systems arising from global population growth, changing diets, and competing demands on agricultural land? This report offers a view on how the EU could play a role in meeting these challenges in the coming decades and sets out some of the options which merit particular attention.

    17 Dec 2013
  • Interactions between climate change and agriculture; and between biodiversity and agriculture in Europe

    What should be Europe’s role in feeding the world in 2050? This IEEP report for the European Parliament describes options for increasing the productivity of European agriculture whilst adapting to climate change, reducing emissions, and providing biodiversity and ecosystem service benefits from agriculture.

    29 Oct 2013
  • Sustainable management of natural resources with a focus on water and agriculture

    Can sustainable management of natural resources in Europe’s agricultural sector contribute to sustainable water use? What other sectors have a role to play in significantly improving water use across Europe and what are the good practices and tools that are available? A new report for the European Parliament explores these questions.

    18 Sep 2013
  • Biodiversity proofing of the EU budget

    This study shows how more can be done to firstly avoid and minimize detrimental impacts of EU funding on biodiversity, and secondly to increase biodiversity benefits.

    18 Feb 2013
  • The role of bioenergy in Europe's energy future

    IEEP’s review questions the potential contribution of increased use of biomass for heat and electricity generation to reduce emissions.

    25 Oct 2012
  • Draft ILUC proposal leaked

    The European Commission's draft proposal for a Directive on the indirect land use change (ILUC) from biofuels was leaked to the public in mid-September 2012. This briefing summarises and reacts to these leaked proposals.

    16 Oct 2012
  • Consolidated report: Qualitative analysis key results and policy implications

    There are still needs and opportunities for using sustainability indicators at different stages of the policy processes across all environmentally relevant policy areas.

    15 May 2012