Konar Mutafoglu

Senior Policy Analyst

Phone: +32 (0) 2211 1095

Specialist Subjects:

environmental economics, green economy, natural resources management, climate change adaptation, measuring wellbeing, financial instruments, sustainable production and consumption, behavioral economics and behaviour change


An environmental economist by training, Konar joined IEEP in January 2015. He has a PhD in economics and more than 10 years of experience in applied research and policy analysis. Prior to joining the Institute, Konar was a research fellow at the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland where he looked at the impacts of climate change on coastal regions and communities, and, previously, he was a consultant at the German Development Bank supporting its climate change and climate finance strategy.

Konar has contributed to and led projects on economic aspects of environmental policy in a number of policy areas such as water resources, climate change, transportation and natural resources management. His expertise covers a broad range of economic and financial instruments of environmental policy. He is also very interested into the application of behavioural insights in environmental policy.

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