Kristof Geeraerts

Specialist Subjects:

institutional and strategic EU developments, environmental governance, transposition and implementation of EU directives, environmental liability directive

IEEP Publications & Articles by Kristof GeeraertsDate
  • Quantified impacts and costs of environmental crime

    As part of the European Union Action to Fight Environmental Crime (EFFACE) project, IEEP researchers have examined the impacts of illegal e-waste shipments from the European Union to China.

    03 Sep 2015
  • Environmental Fiscal Reform in the European Semester

    A recent study by Eunomia, IEEP and Aarhus University identifies the potential for environmental fiscal reform in 14 Member States.

    13 Apr 2015
  • Case studies focusing on different types of environmental crime

    IEEP, as being part of a 40-months EU-funded research project, produced three case studies focusing on illegal e-waste shipment, illegal localised pollution incidents and illegal fishing.

    11 Mar 2015
  • Does the EU benefit the UK environment?

    This report considers how environmental policy in the EU effects the UK and looks at some alternatives. Overall the impact within the environmental domain can be judged to be strongly positive to the UK. The action taken has been well balanced, with benefits for human health and welfare and the sustainability of the economy as well as the environment itself.

    12 Aug 2013
  • Study to analyse legal and economic aspects of implementing the Nagoya Protocol on ABS in the European Union

    This study provides technical support to inform the Commission’s Impact Assessment and consideration of initiatives at EU level on the ratification and implementation of the Nagoya Protocol by the EU and its Member States.

    05 Aug 2013
  • Subsidies with an impact on the environment - methodology, inventory and case studies

    The Flemish Government has initiated a broad project to develop an inventory of the most environmentally harmful subsidies in Flanders and establish plans for their phase-out as requested by the European Commission. This report by VITO and IEEP has been developed for the Nature and Energy Department of the Flemish Government and seeks to feed into this broader process.

    05 Aug 2013
  • Exploring Belgium’s contribution to international climate finance

    What might be the Belgian contribution to the commitments made at COP15 and COP16 on potential sources of climate change finance? And how this might be implemented?

    17 Sep 2012
  • The New Comitology Rules - Delegated and implementing acts

    The Lisbon Treaty substantially modified the framework for the Commission’s implementing powers, commonly known as ‘comitology’. This IEEP report explains the new procedures and gives examples of how they might, or will, apply in the EU biodiversity policy area.

    18 Oct 2011
  • Sourcebook on EU Environmental Law

    The Sourcebook provides a practical reference document on applicable EU environmental legislation, practices and standards which need to be taken into account in the planning and development of projects supported by Banks that have signed the ‘European Principles for the Environment'.

    07 Oct 2011
  • EU Water Policy – fit for purpose?

    New report from Deloitte and IEEP assesses the relevance, coherence, effectiveness and efficiency of EU Water Policy.

    20 Jul 2011