Marianne Kettunen

Principal Policy Analyst and Co-lead of Global Challenges Work Stream

Phone: +44 (0) 207 340 2679

Specialist Subjects:

biodiversity and ecosystem services, value of biodiversity and natural capital, global green economy, biodiversity financing, protected areas, invasive alien species (IAS), communications planning and management


Marianne joined IEEP in 2005. She has a Masters degree in ecology and she is specialised in issues related to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity at EU and global level. Marianne’s areas of expertise include the of biodiversity and ecosystem services, socio-economic benefits of protected areas, financing biodiversity conservation (e.g. resource mobilisation for 2020 biodiversity targets, the benefits and costs of Natura 2000 Network) and the EU action on invasive alien species. She is interested in European and global biodiversity issues, with experience on diverse projects both within and outside the EU.

Marianne is also associated with the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) as a visiting scientist and with the Finnish Environment Institute as a guest researcher.

IEEP Publications & Articles by Marianne KettunenDate
  • IUCN World Parks Congress kicks off in Sydney

    The IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney started on Thursday supported by several high level addresses highlighting the global significance of protected areas.

    13 Nov 2014
  • Time for an updated global agenda for protected areas - IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney (12 – 19 November)

    The landmark international forum on protected areas - IUCN World Parks Congress (WPC) – will take place in in Sydney 12 – 19 November. IEEP’s Marianne Kettunen will be attending the event, showcasing and drawing lessons from IEEP’s longstanding work on protected areas.

    04 Nov 2014
  • Guidelines for biodiversity proofing the EU budget

    This report provides a practical framework to ensure that spending under the EU budget has no negative impacts on biodiversity, and that spending under the EU budget is overall supportive to achieving the biodiversity targets.

    15 Sep 2014
  • Guidance handbook for financing Natura 2000

    An updated ‘Financing Natura 2000 Guidance Handbook’ aims to inform national stakeholders about opportunities for financing the management of Natura 2000 sites through various EU funds during the 2014-2020 period.

    11 Sep 2014
  • Instruments for financing action on invasive alien species in Finland

    A range of examples exist around the world on innovative instruments that can finance, cover or recover the costs of policy action on invasive alien species. A review by IEEP and partners identifies a number of such examples and assesses their pros and cons.

    03 Jun 2014
  • Social and Economic Benefits of Protected Areas

    A new book by IEEP researchers offers a comprehensive introduction to the socio-economic benefits of protected areas and provides step-by-step guidance on identifying, assessing and valuing the various benefits they provide.

    11 Oct 2013
  • Sectoral resource mobilisation to implement global biodiversity targets

    There is an urgent need to find sufficient resources to enable developing countries to implement the global targets for biodiversity by 2020. Financing the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity from different sectoral funding flows can complement global biodiversity financing.

    09 Oct 2013
  • Ecosystem services of boreal mires and peatlands in Finland

    Mire ecosystems are well-known for their unique species and habitats of high conservation value and they also provide a range of benefits to our societies and economies. This publication outlines the results of a pioneering project that aimed to identify and valuate ecosystem services provided by pristine mires and managed peatlands in Finland.

    30 Sep 2013
  • The Guide to Multi-Benefit Cohesion Policy Investments in Nature and Green Infrastructure

    Investments in nature and green infrastructure have helped meet Cohesion Policy objectives and vice-versa. This new guide presents some examples, tools and approaches making it a useful toolkit for stakeholders implementing Cohesion Policy up to 2020.

    04 Sep 2013
  • Guidance manual for TEEB country studies - Version 1.0

    Co-authored by IEEP staff, the Manual is for anyone who is considering or currently undertaking a TEEB country study. Its purpose is to provide guidance throughout the entire TCS cycle, from initiation to policy analysis and ecosystem service valuations, communicating findings, and using results to support decision making.

    25 Jul 2013