Melanie Nakagawa

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  • Summary and Conclusions from the T-PAGE Climate Change Conference, 24 to 25 April 2008

    This document summarises discussions and the main conclusions of the T-PAGE civil society conference on climate change which was held on 24 and 25 April 2008 in Washington DC.

    31 May 2008
  • Biofuels for Transport – European and US Approaches

    This paper summarises the nature of the EU and US market for biofuels and current policy approaches on both sides of the Atlantic to promoting the development of biofuels. The paper also examines some ...

    20 Apr 2008
  • California's Channel Islands - Establishing Marine Protected Areas Networks

    This case study examines the Channel Islands MPA network and portrays its history as well as the process employed for implementation. The study highlights that successful reserves need sound enforcement ...

    01 Mar 2008
  • US actions on climate change and energy

    This paper summarises US actions in the field of climate and energy taking into account the rapid development of policy since the mid term election, in November 2006. It draws conclusions regarding efforts ...

    29 May 2007
  • Cap and Trade Systems in US

    This paper summarises the current state of US policy on cap and trade at the federal, regional, and state levels and examines some of the voluntary and bottom-up approaches being developed to reduce greenhouse ...

    20 Apr 2007
  • US actions on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

    This paper reviews the development of MPAs in the US It considers the establishment of MPAs in the US, the development of Federal MPAs and State level MPAs. Conclusions are drawn concerning the challenges ...

    31 Mar 2007