Silvia Nanni

Policy Analyst

Phone: +32 (0) 2738 7470

Specialist Subjects:

biofuels, bioenergy, resource efficiency, waste for bioenergy, climate change mitigation


Silvia joined IEEP in July 2014 as a Policy Analyst after completing a six month internship in the Agriculture and Land Management Programme. Silvia holds a LLM in International and EU Environmental Law from the University of Edinburgh (UK), with a special focus on climate change and renewable energy. She also holds BA and MA in International Relations from the University of Bologna (Italy). Before joining the Institute, Silvia worked on EU marine biodiversity and fisheries at ClientEarth in London. At IEEP, she is involved in a range of projects focusing on bioenergy, land use and climate change.

IEEP Publications & Articles by Silvia NanniDate
  • The consequences of climate change for EU Agriculture: Follow up to the COP21 UN Climate Change conference

    With its potential to reduce GHG emissions and increase CO2 removals, agriculture has a key role to play in the EU’s climate mitigation efforts, yet Member State action is lacking. As pressure on the sector to act increases, the development of a 2050 low-carbon and resilience roadmap for European agriculture would be one step towards putting the sector on a more ambitious trajectory towards the transformation required to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

    31 May 2017
  • Ensuring the carbon sustainability of biomass

    Ensuring the carbon sustainability of bioenergy requires a new approach in EU policy. This IEEP report spells out a different pathway to the one proposed by the European Commission in the recently released “winter package”.

    09 Dec 2016
  • Understanding the consequences of changing biomass demand for energy

    Understanding the consequences of increased biomass demand for energy on the environment is central to the development of future policy on renewable energy in Europe. This study seeks to help answer this need by modelling different levels of biomass demand for energy and the consequences for land use and forest based industries.

    19 Oct 2016
  • The cascading use of woody biomass in the EU – challenges, opportunities and policy solutions

    Improving the resource efficient use of wood through cascading the resource from one use to another, requires action throughout the wood flow. Current efforts focus on recovering and re-using waste wood but more could be done with the production and utilisation of wood processing residues and improving the balancing between the material and energy use of wood.

    29 Jul 2016
  • Sustainability criteria for biofuels post 2020

    Defining effective and workable sustainability criteria is one of the critical steps in decarbonising Europe’s energy sector. They must provide the necessary safeguards for the use of bioresources in Europe, as well as the policy and investment certainty required for sustainable deployment.

    06 May 2016
  • Mapping study on the cascading use of wood products

    Promoting the cascading use of wood through policy is one approach to improve resource efficiency and increase the overall availability of wood for use in a variety of sectors.

    10 Mar 2016
  • Land suitability assessments for bioenergy feedstocks in the EU – a review of data sources

    Current data availability is inadequate to undertake a detailed national or European level study of land areas that are underutilised and could be considered available for bioenergy production within the EU.

    29 Jan 2016
  • New report: delivering low carbon transport fuels post 2020

    How should EU policy support the transition to low carbon transport fuels post 2020? A new IEEP led report argues that future policies should be differentiated to tailor support towards specific objectives and technologies that offer the greatest potential for a low carbon future.

    13 Jul 2015
  • How to stimulate a bio-economy based on waste? – A study for the UK Government

    Waste resources have the potential to provide a core component of developing bio-economies across the globe. A new IEEP report reviews how waste has been incorporated into existing bio-economy strategies, and the conditions that have enabled this.

    29 Jun 2015
  • Environmental Tax Reform in Europe: Opportunities for the future

    A new study by IEEP assesses the current state of play with environmental taxes in Europe, explores where further greening taxation could be appropriate and how to drive this agenda forward through ‘coalitions of like-minded countries’.

    05 Jun 2014