Stephanie Newman

Specialist Subjects:

fisheries management, financial support for fisheries & the marine environment, marine conservation & policy

IEEP Publications & Articles by Stephanie NewmanDate
  • Tracking biodiversity expenditure in the EU budget

    The European Commission is in the process of developing a methodology to track biodiversity related expenditure in the EU budget. This effort is similar to the parallel process for tracking ...

    29 Jun 2015
  • Case studies focusing on different types of environmental crime

    IEEP, as being part of a 40-months EU-funded research project, produced three case studies focusing on illegal e-waste shipment, illegal localised pollution incidents and illegal fishing.

    11 Mar 2015
  • Allocating fishing rights to the most sustainable fishers - practical recommendations

    One of its most important reforms in the new Common Fisheries Policy is the introduction of a requirement on Member States to use transparent and objective criteria of an environmental nature when allocating fishing opportunities. This report for RSPB makes recommendations for UK Governments on how to implement this requirement comprehensively and ambitiously.

    28 Nov 2014
  • Guidelines for biodiversity proofing the EU budget

    This report provides a practical framework to ensure that spending under the EU budget has no negative impacts on biodiversity, and that spending under the EU budget is overall supportive to achieving the biodiversity targets.

    15 Sep 2014
  • Guidance handbook for financing Natura 2000

    An updated ‘Financing Natura 2000 Guidance Handbook’ aims to inform national stakeholders about opportunities for financing the management of Natura 2000 sites through various EU funds during the 2014-2020 period.

    11 Sep 2014
  • Inland fisheries and the Common Fisheries Policy

    The reformed fisheries policy could lead to improvements in the state of commercial inland fisheries, if the measures are properly implemented, with the greatest potential coming from the strengthening of community-led local development.

    27 Feb 2014
  • Assessing Scotland’s progress on the environmental agenda

    How much progress is Scotland making on the environmental agenda? Can Scotland fulfill its growing aspirations to become an environmental front runner in Europe? This new report explores these questions in relation to the farmed environment, Marine Protection Areas and climate mitigation.

    21 Oct 2013
  • How to improve EU legislation to tackle marine litter

    This study analyses many different pieces of EU legislation to determine their relevance to marine litter, examinine their deficiencies and gaps, and propose options for improvement. Generally the gaps consist of the need for better implementation and enforcement, and increased ambition of current requirements.

    07 Oct 2013
  • Reducing ship generated marine litter

    The Port Reception Facilities Directive requires ships to discharge their waste to dedicated port reception facilities in the EU, but illegal discharges at sea of ship generated waste still take place. This report recommends ways to improve the Directive.

    07 Oct 2013
  • Does the EU benefit the UK environment?

    This report considers how environmental policy in the EU effects the UK and looks at some alternatives. Overall the impact within the environmental domain can be judged to be strongly positive to the UK. The action taken has been well balanced, with benefits for human health and welfare and the sustainability of the economy as well as the environment itself.

    12 Aug 2013