Briefings on Climate


Climate Change & EU Policy Making A Programme for Assistants to Members of the European Parliament

From 30 October to 4 December IEEP, in collaboration with GLOBE EU, provided a training programme to MEP Assistants focused on the development of EU policy measures to help combat climate change. The six week programme introduced assistants to climate policy measures, discussing in detail the development of the EU acquis, the processes that deliver effective policy making (including the particular role of the Parliament and assistants themselves) and upcoming priorities and key topics central to the climate policy debate.

The aims of these sessions were twofold:

  • to offer assistants a balanced introduction to key climate issues and their relevance to EU policy making
  • to provide an introduction to the role of the Parliament in the climate debate and future opportunities.

The full programme for the sessions is available to download here

Training materials and details of presentations from each session are available to download for free. Please click on the appropriate sessions below for further details on the content of each session.

Completed Sessions

Materials from the completed sessions below are now available.

  • 4 December - The future of EU funding on climate and alternative approaches to distributing funds, including delivering public goods in agriculture and valuing biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • 27 November - Energy Efficiency - Managing our Energy Demand, Win-Win Opportunities and Funding Transition
  • 20 November - Adaption and the impacts on and role of the broader environment in adapting and mitigating climate change - Biodiversity, Soils and Water
  • 13 November - The UNFCCC, international carbon trading and agreements building towards Copenhagen
  • 6 November - reviewing key climate and energy policies and the role of the European Commission
  • 30 October - an introduction to climate policy making in Europe: