Published Wednesday, 12 July 2006

IEEP Participates in Commission expert panel on integrated product policy 

IEEP Senior Fellow Marc Pallemaerts has been invited by DG Environment to participate in an Expert Panel. The panel has been established by the Commission to advise it on the preparation of a report on Integrated Product Policy (IPP), scheduled to be submitted to the European Parliament and Council next year. Marc has been invited to participate because of his previous work on the subject within the framework of a research project on IPP funded by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Department. The Commission’s report will evaluate progress made in the implementation of IPP since the publication of a Commission Communication on this new policy approach in June 2003. This autumn, DG Environment is planning to send out questionnaires to Member States and stakeholders to gather information for the report due next year. Proposals for reporting formats have been developed for the Commission by a small working group composed of experts from the European Environment Agency’s Topic Centre on Resource and Waste Management (ETC/RWM), the EEA itself, DEFRA and DG Environment. These proposals were reviewed by the Expert Panel at a meeting in Copenhagen on 27 June. A second meeting will be arranged next year for the experts to review a first draft of the Commission report.