Published Sunday, 11 November 2007

IEEP Events: EU Strategy for Bali and Beyond and EU/US Climate Policy 

IEEP is holding two debates on the nature of climate policy and how it might evolve: the first comparing EU and US approaches to climate policy and the second debating the EU’s Strategy for Bali and Beyond.

On Tuesday 13th November IEEP will be holding a video conference linking key NGO representatives in the EU and US This is part of ongoing work under IEEP and the Natural Resources Defense Council’s initiative to develop a Transatlantic Platform for Action on the Global Environment (T-PAGE). During the teleconference the role of biofuels, the future of carbon capture and storage and the use of cap and trade systems will be debated. These three issues were identified as priorities for debate during an earlier dialogue in April this year. For detailed background papers comparing EU and US approaches to biofuels, CCS and cap and trade or to find out more about T-PAGE

On 16th November (12-2pm) IEEP and the Institute for European Studies (IES) will hold their next Environmental Policy Forum on “Climate Change: The EU’s Strategy for Bali and Beyond”. Key note speakers include Artur Runge-Metzger, Head of the European Commission’s International Climate Strategy Unit, and Jacob Scherr, Director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s International Programme. Artur will present the EU’s strategy for reaching a comprehensive global climate agreement for the period post-2012. Jacob Scherr will then provide insights from the US perspective. To request attendance and further details please e-mail before Tuesday, 13th November 2007.