Published Saturday, 01 January 2005

Managing Europe's Inshore Fisheries: Harnessing the new European Fisheries Fund 

The overall goal of this report is to enable decision-makers, fisheries managers and other practitioners to harness the potential of the EFF for inshore waters. The report begins by placing the unique qualities and role of inshore waters and their fisheries in the context of the EU, then addresses the challenges facing the emerging EFF for promoting the sustainable development of the inshore sector. Opportunities arising from the proposed EFF are defined in relation to past aid with FIFG, which, it is argued, is failing to counteract the special pressures on inshore waters or cater positively for their special attributes. Specific funding needs of the inshore sector are identified and measured against the capacity of the EFF to deliver for them. Overall, the analysis is intended to help shape the EFF proposal. It should also assist Member States and regional managers to maximise the opportunities for inshore waters afforded by the EFF once it is adopted, given that they will have considerable latitude in how they deploy the available funds.