Manual of European Environmental Policy


The Manual of European Environmental Policy 2012, produced by IEEP, provided a comprehensive account of EU environmental policy. It included every item of ‘pure’ EU environmental legislation and provides a description of how environmental policy has been integrated into other EU policies such as those for agriculture, transport and energy. The complexities, changes and developments of EU environmental policy are catalogued, together with the changing drivers behind EU environmental policy over the decades.

The Manual is a systematic, comprehensive and reliable source of information on EU environmental policy and is an essential research tool for anyone working, studying or researching in this field. The Manual is divided into chapters which you can click on below. Each chapter has numerous sub-chapters that can be downloaded for free.

Before reading please note:

  • The contents have not been updated since 2012 and no guarantee is given of the accuracy of the contents given potential subsequent developments.
  • The sections include links to external websites (e.g. to legal texts). These links continue to work as long as those links are not broken by those websites.
  • The sections also include the original links that enabled interactivity within the published on-line version of the Manual. These links no longer work.