Published Monday, 03 September 2012

Mainstreaming climate in EU funds - the progress to date 

IEEP’s latest policy brief takes stock of the negotiation processes on the 2014-2020 EU Multi-annual Financial Framework and Cohesion Policy, and points at issues and opportunities ahead for ensuring the effective mainstreaming of climate change in the future EU spending plans.

The last third of 2012 remains an important period for the negotiations on the MFF and Cohesion Policy, particularly in relation to spending priorities. From a climate change policy perspective key issues include:

  • Ensuring that climate change is part of the negotiating box, including an endorsement of the 20 per cent spending commitment;
  • Achieving ambitious earmarking for genuine energy saving and renewable energy investment priorities and making sure that no fossil fuel subsidies are made eligible under Cohesion Policy spending; and
  • Defending robust performance framework requirements and mechanisms going beyond absorption and implementation, focusing on outcome and result indicators accompanied by proper penalties and reward mechanisms.