Published Tuesday, 09 December 2014

Access IEEP’s definitive guide to European environmental policy 

European policy in the form of EU directives, legislation, strategic plans and other measures has grown to be perhaps the most comprehensive body of environmental law in the world, with an influence extending well beyond Europe. It is the bedrock of most areas of national environmental law in EU countries. Combining a mixture of both long term targets and very specific commitments it is currently in the spotlight within a debate on the future role of EU policy and the right balance to be struck between European and national measures. 

After many years of being a purchasable publication, the Manual is now downloadable for free from IEEP’s website. The Manual of European Environmental Policy, provides a comprehensive account of EU environmental policy and its development up until 2012, when publication ceased. It includes every item of ‘dedicated’ EU environmental legislation and a description of how environmental policy has been integrated into other EU policies such as agriculture, transport and energy. The complexities, changes and developments of EU environmental policy up to 2012 are catalogued, together with the changing drivers behind EU environmental policy over the decades.

At time of release the Manual was the most systematic, comprehensive and reliable source of information on EU environmental policy and it continues to be an essential research tool for anyone working, studying or researching in this field. The publication is divided into chapters, reflecting the key aspects of environmental policy such as air quality, biodiversity, resource use and climate change. Each chapter contains a general overview of the policy area, followed by details of individual Directives, Decisions and Regulations, as well as references to key EU documents and related legislation. 

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