Published Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to climate-proof CAP and Cohesion spending  

The Commission has published two key technical guidance documents on climate proofing of Cohesion Policy and Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) expenditure as part of the Adaptation Strategy Package. The purpose of the guidance is to help public authorities and other stakeholders to effectively consider the expected impacts of climate change and take active steps to reduce climate risks when programming expenditure and funding under Cohesion and CAP Funds.

The technical guidance builds on the work of a consortium lead by IEEP for DG for Climate Action. Partners included Ecologic, Milieu, GHK and Environment Agency Austria. The guidance documents explain in simple terms where the proposed regulations on Cohesion Policy and CAP provide opportunities for better integration of climate adaptation concerns and how they can be used. The guides provide an overview of different types and sources of information on climate change impacts and adaptation options and when to best use them. They also identify good examples of programmes, projects and approaches from the current funding period that integrate adaptation.

See the technical guidance for Cohesion Policy and the technical guidance for CAP as Commission Staff Working Documents.

IEEP’s report ‘Methodologies for climate proofing investments and measures under Cohesion and Regional policy and the Common Agricultural Policy’ will be soon available on DG Climate Action’s website.

For more information please contact Peter Hjerp.