Climate Change & Energy

Our Work

IEEP has built up significant expertise on the EU budget over the years and has a particular interest in advocating stronger environmental considerations in the EU budget debate.

We have produced a number of papers and reports on this topic in recent years, and the implications of climate change mitigation and adaptation have played an increasingly important role in this work. We have, for example, reviewed EU budgetary resources for supporting climate and energy policy objectives, and examined how the EU budget could be transformed into an instrument to support the fight against climate change. As the consensus around the need for ‘climate proofing’ public expenditure solidifies, we are becoming increasingly interested in clarifying what this might mean in the context of the EU budget, and how best to operationalise climate proofing through a set of concrete strategies and instruments.

Our work on the EU Budget is cross cutting, involving many of our research areas, notably our Governance and Agriculture programmes.

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