Global Challenges and Solutions

Our Work

Close cooperation and engagement with the EU’s neighbours, including accession countries, and strategic partner countries is one of the primary building blocks in a more global approach. It may include for example, exchange in best practice strategic initiatives, shared data and support to efforts to protect the environment and address climate change in developing countries.

IEEP has a long track record of work with EU neighbouring countries, including accession countries, particularly in building robust environmental policy. Working with national institutions, as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs), we have informed and advanced environmental policy within and outside the borders of the enlarged EU including among eastern and southern neighbours. We have assisted public and private institutions in assessing the benefits of enhanced environmental protection, capacity assessment, compliance and enforcement. We have also worked with NGOs to support their engagement in international, EU and national policy discussions. We have a track record in supporting networks and relationship building between institutions and other stakeholders.

IEEP actively contributes to and initiates global dialogues and discussions on environmental and climate challenges. For example, together with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), we coordinated the Transatlantic Platform for Action on the Global Environment (T-PAGE), a set of transatlantic civil society dialogues on global climate change and ocean management issues. These dialogues between EU and US civil society aimed to aid understanding, identify areas for future collaboration, inform policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic and ultimately contribute to improved protection of the global environment. We regularly host visits by international delegations, with a view to encourage learning and mutual exchange of ideas and information as well as best practice between countries.

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