Published Wednesday, 31 May 2017

IEEP at T20 Summit 2017 

Based on analysis by the IEEP, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and Ifremer, IEEP’s Patrick ten Brink presented a policy briefing urging G20 countries to take action on marine litter by adopting circular economy measures.

The briefing was presented at the special session on the circular economy at the G20’s think tank summit, T20 Global Solutions in Berlin, Germany.  

He also shared results of briefings by the other Circular Economy Task Force co-chairs (CEPS & Green Alliance), underlining the importance of transparency, product design, reparability, infrastructure investment, and economic incentives. The session, which included speakers from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, IEEP, UNIDO and the company Werner Mertz, explored what measures are needed to catalyse a transition from a linear to a circular model and what G20 leaders could do to accelerate the needed system change and respond to both the urgency for, and opportunities from, action.

Read the full briefing here, and the SlideShare presentation here.

For more information, contact Patrick ten Brink.