Published Thursday, 16 October 2003

EP Briefing note: Analysis of progress and issues relating to the state of implementation of the IPPC Directive 

Implementation of the Integrated Pollution and Protection Control (IPPC) Directive has raised a number of issues that should be addressed:

  • There is concern over the thresholds for installations in Annex I of the Directive, particularly for low-impact activities, where the costs of regulation outweigh the benefits.
  • Some activities, eg mining, sawmills, etc, are not covered by the Directive. Some Member States have brought additional activities into the IPPC regime at the national level.
  • Some definitions in the Directive are lacking or unclear.
  • The speed of production of BREFs is often too slow, with implications for the definition of BAT – Best Available Techniques at installation level.
  • The capacity of institutions to implement the Directive effectively is questioned, particularly in many accession countries.

This briefing note provides an analysis of these issues issues and the progress towards implementation of the IPPC Directive.