Published Tuesday, 05 April 2011

Key Messages on the Future of Europe’s Waters  

A conference on the “Future of European Waters” was held in Budapest on 24-25 March 2011, in order to highlight critical tendencies in water issues. It was held under the Hungarian Presidency of the EU Council. The conference was also an important step in the consultation process towards the 6th World Water Forum to be held in 2012 in France as well as to the 2012 “Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Waters” to be produced by the European Commission. Key speakers included the Environment Commissioner, Head of the European Environment Agency and the Chief Scientist of UNEP.

Andrew Farmer of IEEP provided two presentations to the conference on key policy messages and on the challenge of integrating water and agriculture policy as well as chairing one of the sessions. Andrew also contributed to the production of the key messages from the conference which address a range of scientific, policy and governance challenges.