Water, Marine & Fisheries

Our Work

IEEP undertakes a wide range of work on EU water policy, focusing not only on the strategic but hugely challenging Water Framework Directive, but also on the many ‘supporting’ Directives on priority substances, flood management, ground water, bathing water, and so on. Member States have had enormous problems implementing these Directives and our analysis has sought to address both the practical challenges and the fundamental principles of water protection.

Our key work in this area includes:

Highly influential projects for the Commission, such as supporting development of the Water Blueprint and supporting the Common Implementation Strategy.

Leading studies for the European Commission to support the Fitness Check of EU water policy and to develop policy options to support the Commission Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources.

Leading projects to support activities under the Common Implementation Strategy of the Water Framework Directive. Undertaking detailed policy analysis within the 6th Research Framework Project ‘SCENES’ (Water Scenarios for Europe and for Neighbouring States), developing scenarios for the future of Europe’s inland waters.

Undertaking a series of studies to examine the interactions between EU water policy and EU industrial pollution control policy. Water scarcity and droughts. This study for the European Parliament looks at the EU’s approach to water scarcity and droughts, an issue which is swiftly rising up the policy agenda.

Regarding work in this area please contact: Andrew Farmer.

Latest in Water Policy

  • Greening taxes and subsidies in the Pacific

    IEEP will share its expertise on environmental taxation and the reform of environmentally harmful subsidies at a forum event on greening taxation and subsidies in the Pacific region during the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii.

  • The Manual: Chapter 13 - Sectoral policies

    This is a chapter of IEEP’s Manual of European Environmental Policy. This chapter sets out the development of some of the most important links between EU environmental policy and other policy areas, such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries, transport, trade, and so on.

  • Environmental policy and the UK’s review of the EU Balance of Competences

    The UK Government’s Balance of Competences review has now taken evidence on 25 subject areas, including the 6 with the most relevance for the Environment. We take stock of the IEEP’s contributions, and consider what a possible UK renegotiation might mean for the environment.

  • The EU Water Blueprint: Assessing the policy options

    The Water Blueprint proposes action to address 12 key problems for Europe’s waters. An IEEP led study found that improved guidance, information system, data exchange and funding were the best instruments to address many of these problems, with limited scope for new law.

  • Cross-scale governance for water management

    A new paper on the challenges of cross-scale governance for water management has been published.

  • Key Messages on the Future of Europe’s Waters

    IEEP has contributed to the production of the key messages from a major water conference contributing to future EU policy development.

  • Challenges of Developing an EU Strategic Approach to Water Scarcity

    The introduction in 2000 of the Water Framework Directive provided the first coherent EU legal tool to address water scarcity and this has been supported by further policy aimed directly at ...