Policy Advice and Intelligence

Our broad range of expertise and up-to-date knowledge on European policy and legislation enable us to provide clients with tailor-made advice and intelligence to inform their work and allow them to make considered contributions to key policy debates. Key clients include national government departments and agencies, other public bodies and non-governmental organisations.

We hold a contract with the UK's statutory bodies for nature and landscape conservation, providing them with regular updates on EU-level developments related to their work.

Below is a small selection of weekly briefings produced for UK's statutory bodies:

Agriculture, Fisheries Nature Conservation

Climate & Energy

Environmental Governance & Institutional Developments

Pollution & Health:

This work was funded by the statutory nature, natural heritage and landscape conservation agencies in the UK, as part of a contractual arrangement with IEEP to provide intelligence on EU environment policy and other policies which impact on the environment. It reflects the independent views of IEEP and not necessarily the views of the funding bodies.