Charting Europe's Environmental Policy Future



  • Running out of time? Stepping up action for Europe's environment
    This report by IEEP makes the case for why EU policy makers now need to plan for 2030 in a more concrete and systematic way, looking beyond the 2020 horizon which dominates European strategies at present. Specific priorities are set out with respect to decarbonisation, better use of natural resources and preserving the natural environment. It also discusses cross-cutting issues of implementation, financing and information. The report was launched at a high-level conference in Brussels on 4 December 2012.

Policy Papers

  • Reforming environmental taxes and harmful subsidies: challenges and opportunities
    This policy paper provides a brief introduction and overview to the issues of environmental tax reform and environmentally harmful subsidies and outlines recent developments in the EU. It also outlines the remaining challenges in these areas and the potential role of the 7th EAP in helping to deliver the ETR and EHS agendas.
  • Improving measurement to manage through the 7th EAP: The role of indicators and accounting
    This policy paper provides a brief overview of the context and state of play in the area of “measurement to manage”. It also outlines the needs for future action in this area and the potential role of the 7th EAP in improving the availability and use of indicators and accounts in the EU.
  • Exploring key priorities and actions for the 7th EAP
    This policy paper examines how the forthcoming 7th EAP can contribute to protecting natural systems and improving the way in which we use natural resources. It also examines a number of cross-cutting actions needed to support the priorities of the 7th EAP and ensure better delivery of EU environment policy.
  • The role of the 7th EAP and options for its leading theme and priorities
    This policy paper provides a brief overview of the current policy landscape, recapitulates some arguments on the role, purpose and added value of the 7th EAP, and discusses different options for a leading theme of the 7th EAP, potential priorities, and means for delivery.


Background information

This project is informed by our previous work on the 6th Environment Action Programme (6EAP).