Published Wednesday, 19 September 2001

Common Fisheries Policy Reform and the Environment: Conference Conclusions of 20-21 September 2001 

This paper is a conclusion of the IEEP convened conference on Common Fisheries Policy Reform and the Environment held in Brussels on 20 - 21 September 2001, with sponsorship from a range of government and non-governmental Organizations.

The overall aims of the conference were to explore areas of consensus between different stakeholder groups and, if possible, take thinking forward about a future legislative framework for the CFP, with particular emphasis on integrating environmental concerns. These aims were pursued through the discussion of four key themes chosen for their relevance to the broad objective of sustainable development:

  • ecosystems approaches to fisheries management;
  • partnerships in fisheries management;
  • bringing strategic planning into the CFP; and
  • incentives for sustainable fisheries.