Published Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Result-based agri-environment measures: market-based instruments, incentives or rewards?  

Result-based schemes are innovative agri-environment measures, which remunerate farmers only if they can demonstrate to have achieved the desired environmental goal. This is different from classical action-based agri-environment measures, which link the payment to the compliance with a set of established rules. A more wide-spread use of result-based agri-environment measures can help improve the conditionality and efficiency of the CAP.

This report presents the results of analysis of the oldest CAP result-based agri-environment measure, introduced in 2000 in the German region of Baden-Württemberg to preserve species-rich grassland (MEKA-B4). It is based on semi-structured face-to-face interviews with key institutional actors and participating and non-participating farmers (38 interviews between March and May 2013).