Our Work

IEEP is at the forefront of developing ways to integrate environmentally-sound socio-economic signals into decision making, to recognise the true value of environmental resources and ecosystems, and thereby encourage resource efficiency. We are developing tools to assess, quantify and take up the multiple values of nature, biodiversity and ecosystem services. IEEP experts are making substantial contributions to the international TEEB initiative (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity), particularly through leading and contributing to the TEEB for policy makers, and TEEB Water reports, and advancing national and regional initiatives, for example in the Nordic countries, Finland, and the Danube Basin.

IEEP is promoting ways of assessing the complete benefits provided by protected areas, including estimates of the costs and benefits of Natura 2000. We have carried out major assessments of the costs of biodiversity actions in the EU (including the costs of restoring 15% of degraded ecosystems in accordance with Target 2 of the Biodiversity Strategy, and the costs of maintaining High Nature Value farmland, and the far greater costs of failing to protect biodiversity. We also look at the opportunities of using biodiversity conservation to advance social inclusion and create jobs.

Latest in Assessing the costs and benefits of biodiversity conservation