Published Monday, 01 September 2014

Greener Britain: Practical proposals for party manifestos from the environment and conservation sector  

A coalition of the UK’s leading environmental groups, including the National Trust, WWF, RSPB, Greenpeace, The Wildlife Trusts, Friends of the Earth and IEEP, are calling for all political parties to commit to a greener Britain by 2020 by pledging seven major priorities to reform the way we use energy, build communities and protect nature. Working together over several months, the group has developed goals which tackle the country’s biggest environmental challenges. The proposals would improve the country’s environment, strengthen the economy, build fairer, stronger communities and significantly enhance the UK’s international influence.

Among the ideas are calls for new Marine Protected Areas in our overseas territories, the Arctic and around the UK; a 25 year plan for recovering our green spaces and wildlife; a major new approach to household energy savings; and a new Sustainable Neighbourhoods deal giving more power to communities. The seven goals are:

1: Lead the low carbon transition
2: Lead the protection of our oceans
3: Plan for nature’s recovery
4: Plan for improved public access to nature
5: Accelerate household energy saving
6: Give communities more control
7: Act on the resource shock

David Baldock, IEEP’s Executive Director, said “It will be a critical time for Britain to be a strong advocate for the environment and effective climate action, both globally and in Europe. This is not an opportunity to waste.”