Briefings on Climate

Supporting Members of the
European Parliament

There is an urgent need for action to combat climate change; projections as to the extent of impact, speed and intensity are ever worsening.

Whilst the nature of impacts will vary across
 Europe, no country will be immune from
 the pressures this global process will exert.

Briefings on Climate

Between 2004 and 2009 MEPs had a significant impact on Europe’s climate ambition, not least 2008's Climate and Energy Package. The agreement of this package was an important achievement but represents the beginning of the solution not its conclusion. This website and briefing material, provided by the Institute for European Environmental Policy, are intended to support incoming MEPs, helping to maintain momentum of climate action and European leadership at a crucial time in the international debate.

The information provided is endorsed by a cross party grouping of MEPs and former MEPs active on climate and energy issues. It offers ‘an independent perspective on climate issues and a starting point for future debate’. IEEP has a longstanding reputation for offering non partisan advice to MEPs, aiding the development of best practice climate and environmental policy solutions. We hope you find the information provided of interest. IEEP will be offering ongoing support to MEPs and their assistants on climate and environmental issues.

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