Pursuing change in biofuels policy & developing alternatives

Developing a sustainable future for biofuels

Two of the key challenges in the attempt to mitigate against climate change and reduce fossil fuel dependency in the EU and UK transport sector are:

  • The introduction of a robust EU policy to address Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC) and thereby remove many of the most unsustainable biofuels from the supply chain; and
  • The development of well documented and viable alternatives to the use of unsustainable biofuels in the transport sector in the UK and in Europe more widely.

The Biofuel ExChange, funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, was set up to facilitate discussion among relevant stakeholders in pursuit of these goals. The project ran from October 2012 until April 2014 and resulted in a range of policy discussions and briefings around this topic. The Biofuel ExChange website is no longer being updated, but it will remain as a means of sharing the briefings and policy papers developed through the project.

For current and up to date information on IEEP’s work in this area please visit the biofuels webpage. For more information or to discuss the ILUC and bioenergy work taking place in the Institute please contact Ben Allen or Catherine Bowyer.

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